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Originally developed by Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein and Dr. Ellen McGinnis, Skillstreaming is a highly acclaimed, research-based prosocial skills training program published by Research Press.

Skillstreaming employs a four-part training approach—modeling, role-playing, performance feedback, and generalization—to teach essential prosocial skills to children and adolescents. Each book provides a complete description of the Skillstreaming program, with instructions for teaching a wide variety of prosocial skills and a CD including reproducible forms and handouts.

Skillstreaming is available for three instructional levels:

Each program book includes the following:

Part 1: Program Content and Implementation

Chapters on effective Skillstreaming arrangements, teaching procedures, refining skill use, teaching for skill generalization, managing behavior problems, Skillstreaming in the school context, and more.

Part 2: Skill Outlines and Homework Reports

Skill outlines are handy one-page summaries for each skill, including skill steps, guidelines for skill instruction, and suggested situations for modeling displays. Homework reports list skill steps and guide students in practicing the skills and evaluating skill use outside the Skillstreaming group.

Appendixes provide all program forms needed to ensure a successful Skillstreaming intervention, plus leader and observer checklists to ensure program integrity.

Two Skillstreaming staff training video programs (DVD) are also available:

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